eightolives' Go - An Application Launcher

Go - an application launcher

Eightolives' Go is an application launcher for eightolives' software or any other program or script you have on your PC. Go organizes your workflow tools in a convenient, tabular list. Double click an item to launch. Right click for a popup menu with options. The lower display area shows a description or path for the selected item.

Go automatically lists all eightolives applications installed. You can add entries for other software programs or documents.

Things you can do
  • List links to your software programs,pdf files, web pages or other documents on your PC.
  • Easily install, check version, update and launch other eightolives' software programs.

Eightolives' Go is a Java-based program that requires you have installed Java which is easy to do from http://www.java.com. See the install page for more information.

Read Using eightolives' Go for more information.