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eightolives' Editor Quick Hints

Editor is tested using Firefox, Safari and Chrome browsers.

All actions only use left mouse clicks or touches.

To create a plain text file, select menu option File > Blank Text Sheet. Text files do not support topics.

To load a template, select menu option File > Get Template then select the template you wish to load.

Template based documents are structured documents that are saved in XML format. Numbered paragraphs are displayed in the Topics menu on the left side. Clicking a topic twice displays the Topic Editor for that topic. You can insert a new topic by clicking the Insert Topic button in the Topic Editor. You cannot create a new topic in the main display window.

Use the Topic Editor to edit paragraph number, paragraph title, and text. You can add a comment that is only displayed if menu item Pref > Show Comments is checked.

Use the Topic Editor to specify the Verification Method for that topic. The verification methods can be either None, Inspection, Analysis, Simulation, Test, Demonstration, Similarity or Certification. Multiple methods can be selected.

To save your data to Local Project (your browser's cache):

File > Open Project - select the LOCAL service (which only supports Local Project)
File > Save Project - this saves your file to cache.

To save your data to your computer's file system (if available):

File > Save File (FS)

To save your data to an External Service such as an eightolves Microserver operating on your local network:

File > Open Project - select External Service
Configure External Service by specifying its URL or use Discovery Start to search for active local servers. If a server is found, click on the displayed item which enters its URL and then click OK. You may be prompted for login information.
File > Open Project - select the desired project
File > Save Project - this saves your data to the project

To save your data to Google Drive:

File > Open Project - select Drive
You may be asked to log in to Google Drive. If so the Google login window will appear.
When you are successfully logged in, "Google Drive" will appear as the project name.
File > Save Project - this saves your data to the project

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