eightolives' Trains Privacy Policy


Eightolives' Trains software uses a variety of resources which can monitor and use various information you or your browser can supply. Privacy policy is different for different resources.

Eightolives servers track browser provided data for the purpose of monitoring server usage. See http://www.eightolives.com/privacy.htm for the standard eightolives' Privacy Policy.

If you use the Google Maps features of the tool, you are subject to the privacy policy and use conditions of Google. See Google Privacy.

If you allow your browser to share your geolocation position, that information may be used to get other data from MassDOT servers or, if enabled, Google Maps.

If you allow cookies to be stored on your platform, certain data such as your "Home" station or schedules that that you elect to save locally, may be stored for subsequent use.

If you allow, the web application will be stored on your platform allowing "off-line" operation. Software may be updated on subsequent on-line access to eightolives.